Useful Egypt resources

Website links and useful information about Egypt

Whether it’s your first or even your third visit to Egypt, I thought it may be a good idea to provide you with some useful information and resources about Egypt and Egyptology in general. The links are divided in to categories to help you find what you’re looking for.

General travel tips and related information

Egypt Official Tourist Authority
Egypt State Information Service
Tour Egypt
Lonely Planet Guide to Egypt
Weather in Egypt

Travel information by country

British Foreign Office
USA Travel Office
Austrailian Department of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs Canada
New Zealand Foreign Office

Museums and ancient sight links in Egypt

Library of Alexandria Museum
Alexandria Amphitheatre Kom el-Dikka
Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Pyramids at Giza
Citadel Cairo
Gayer-Anderson Museum Cairo
Islamic Art Museum Cairo
Coptic Museum Cairo
Pyramid Field at Dahshur
Saqqara and Memphis
Valley of the Kings Luxor
Deir el-Bahari – Mortuary Temple Hatshepsut
Deir el-Medina – Tombs of the Artisans
Karnak Temple Luxor
Luxor Temple
Luxor Museum
Mummification Museum Luxor
Temple of Horus Edfu
Temple of Haroeris and Sobek Kom Ombo
Nubia Museum Aswan
Aswan Museum Elephantine
Abu Simbel

Interesting Egypt and Egyptology resources

Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities
Dr Zahi Hawass Blog
The Griffith Institute Oxford – Tutankhamun Excavation Records

Ashmolean Museum Oxford – Egyptian Collection
The British Museum London – Egyptian Collection
Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge – Egyptian Collection
Metropolitan Museum of Art New York – Egyptian Art Collection
Brooklyn Museum – Egyptian Art Collection
Berlin Egyptian Museum
Turin Egyptian Museum
Theban Mapping Project – Atlas of the Valley of the Kings
Armana Project – Ancient Egyptian City of Tell el-Amarna
Global Egyptian Museum
C ULTNAT – The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage