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What’s happening now in Egypt – Oct 2011 archive

The current ‘What’s Happening Now In Egypt’ page aims to keep you updated on the latest travel information to Egypt; as well as news on the ancient sights, missing artefacts and the continued preservation of our Egyptian heritage, following the peaceful peoples’ of January Revolution. This is our archive from October 2011.

October 2011 – Travel Updates, News on Egyptian Antiquities and Heritage Sights

Egypt Receives 24 Stolen Artefacts From Australia – 28/10/11
A collection of 122 ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman artefacts, found in Australia, will soon be on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. After a decade of lying hidden in storehouses at auction halls in Melbourne, Australia, the collection of 122 artefacts is to return to Egypt on 5 November. Read more on the Ahram Online website.

Egyptian Antiquities’ SSI Seized Artefacts in Saqqara – 27/10/11
Egyptian antiquities’ SSI managed to retrieve a rare artefacts collection after it was stolen by criminals from monumental tombs who put them in the catacombs in Saqqara desert as a prelude to be sold. Read the full story on the Youm7 website.

Dahshour Aims to Develop Community and Establish Itself as Tourist Destination – 24/10/11
The Dahshour World Heritage Site for Community Development, was launched two years ago and is aimed at helping the community to develop its skills and turn Dahshour into a premium travel destination. Dahshour, a 90-minute ride from Cairo, was declared by the UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site, an area rich in archeology, culture, ecosystem, but more than anything else the local community and its determination to earn their town the recognition it deserves. Read the full story on the Daily Egypt News website.

SCA Steps Up Heritage Protection – 23/10/11
Egypt’s cultural heritage is to be protected by cameras, burglar alarms and armed guards in revamp of security measures at the major archaeological sights across the country. The looting of archaeological sites and museums in the wake of the January 25 Revolution raised serious questions about the security of thousands of precious artefacts and antiquities in Egypt. Read more on the Ahram Online website.

New Antiquities Research Centre to be Created – 22/10/11
The SCA soon plans to inaugurate a new Antiquities Research Centre. According to SCA Secretary-General Mostafa Amin, the centre will cater to SCA employees with masters and doctoral competencies in order to take advantage of their respective skills and scientific knowledge to develop Egypt’s archaeological sector. Read the full article.

UK Travellers Expected to Visit Red Sea Resorts This Winter – 21/10/11
Egypt is set to be one of the top destinations for scuba diving holidays this winter as British travellers head to the country in search of sun, sea and sand. is expecting a surge in tourists booking scuba diving trips to Sharm el Sheikh. Read more on the Articles Base website.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Visit Egypt – 17/10/11
A great article on why there’s never been a better time to visit us in ‘New Egypt’. Encouraging tourism back to the south of Egypt and the Red Sea, as well as supporting and representing the industry locally and internationally have been our immediate objectives. Read the I Am Egypt website article.

New Archaeological Land Survey to be Undertaken – 16/10/11
The SCA announced that they will be carrying out a land survey of all archaeological sites, with land declared free of artefacts to be sold off to investors. It will be the first survey since Napoleonic times. Read more on this story on the Ahram Online website.

Two Stolen Reliefs are Returned to Egypt – 15/10/11
Egypt receives back two stone reliefs that were stolen from HotepKa tomb, (dated to the 5th Dynasty) in Saqqara in the 1980s, when robbers stole four stone reliefs depicting hieroglyphics and wild life scenes. Read the full story on the Luxor Times Magazine website.

US Ambassador Encourages Americans to Visit Egypt – 14/10/11
Great incentive for US travellers to return to Egypt as the US Embassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson says, “I encourage my fellow Americans to come and see these beautiful treasures and enjoy Egypt’s gracious hospitality.” [Source: Youm7]

Touring and Diving Post-Revolutionary Egypt – 13/10/11
Great article from ‘Learn Through Travel’, who paid a recent visit to Egypt after the revolution. A fantastic way to encourage people and travellers to start coming back to ‘New Egypt’. Read the full article on the I Am Egypt website.

Characters of Egypt 2011 Festival Details – 10/10/11
The Characters of Egypt Festival aims to unite different ethnic groups to participate in an annual cultural exchange festival to promote cooperation and responsible tourism in Egypt. This years three-day event takes place from 26th to 29th of October. Find out more on their Facebook page.

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts hope for return of tourists – 07/10/11
Tourism minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour says he will “not spare a minute or a penny to get tourism back on track”. Egypt plans to invest an estimated $12bn in tourism over the next five years. Read more on this story on the BBC website.

SCA secretary general placates protesters – 06/10/11
SCA secretary general placates fresh graduates who had been protesting outside archaeological sites demanding jobs. During the meeting today, Mostafa Amine promised to appoint 850 of them who submitted employment requests last July. He told them that in two weeks the SCA will take all the required procedures to appoint them, especially as the SCA had succeeded in securing the funds required to appoint them. Read more on this story on the Ahram Online website.

Hotels ‘a target’ for property investors in Egypt – 05/10/11
According to a new survey property investors from the Middle East are keen to invest their money in residential real estate and hotels. Hotels in particular will be a target in Egypt due to the country’s robust tourism sector. Read the full article on the Property Showrooms website.

International institutes participate in developing world heritage sites in Dahshour – 01/10/11
The development of Dahshour will include constructing new routes to entrances and exits of the region, as well as renewal of the existing routes and the illumination of the sights. Abdel Rahman announced the allocation of 50 million EGP (U.S. $8.4 million) from the Ministry of Tourism to develop tourism in Dahshour. The governorate promises to support touristic activities in villages by improving skills, provide training programs for 3,000 people from Dahshour in the field of special environmental industries and publicize tourist resources through online websites. [Source:]

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