Archive – June 2011

What’s happening now in Egypt – June 2011 archive

The current ‘What’s Happening Now In Egypt’ page aims to keep you updated on the latest travel information to Egypt; as well as news on the ancient sights, missing artefacts and the continued preservation of our Egyptian heritage, following the peaceful peoples’ of January Revolution. This is our archive from June 2011.

June 2011 – Travel Updates, News on Egyptian Antiquities and Heritage Sights

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Cleared in Appeal – 16/06/11
It seems that an appeals court has cleared Egypt’s Antiquities Minister – Dr Zahi Hawass on Wednesday of corruption charges, sparing the international face of Egyptian archaeology from a year in prison. The earlier ruling had found Hawass guilty of illegally influencing the bidding process for space in the gift shop of The Egyptian Museum, when he was earlier sentenced to a year in prison.

Come to Egypt – You Will Have the Time of Your Life – 15/06/11
Great new video outlining why it’s a great time to visit our New Egypt:

‘For Egypt’ Festival Stars to Donate Wages to Tourism – 14/06/11
The ‘For Egypt’ festival will be held in Cairo Stadium from July 21st to 24th 2011. It will be the first festival to held after the Revolution and will feature pop music and media stars, who intend to donate their wages to help develop Egypt’s tourism sector. Read more on this story on the Youm7 website.

Remaining World Nations Lift Travel Ban to Egypt – 13/06/11
All foreign nations have lifted their travel warnings for Egypt, Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Monday 13th June 2011, citing Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour. It comes as a rare piece of good news for Egypt’s beleaguered tourism industry, badly shaken by January and February’s unrest and continuing concerns over a lack of security. The US, Japan and Australia – some of the important sources of tourism income for Egypt – have eased their travel warnings, but are advising citizens to exercise caution when visiting.

Granite Depiction of Cow-Shaped Deity Returns to Egypt – 10/06/2011
An engraving originally from the Behbit El-Hegara temple in El-Gharbiya is now back in the Egyptian Museum undergoing restoration after being stolen in 1990. The stolen engraving features the ancient Egyptian goddess Akht and had previously been up for auction in London. The engraving is now at the Egyptian Museum for restoration, in order to be returned back to its original position at Behbit El-Hegara temple. Read the full review on the Ahram Online website.

Egyptian Government to Upgrade el-Lahun – 08/06/11
The Egyptian Government has agreed to launch an urgent plan for upgrading the historic site of el-Lahun near Fayoum, about 60km south of Cairo, home a cache of Pharaonic-era mummies in brightly painted wooden coffins that were unearthed in 2008. The archaeological site will be developed to preserve its treasures that includes this rare collection of mummies. Read the full article in The Egyptian Gazette.

UK Review of a Family Holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh – 06/06/11
Visitors are slowly starting to come back to the Red Sea resorts this Summer and as this review confirms, “…there were never any problems down on the Red Sea but restoring confidence among visitors will take time…”. Read this family holiday review again from the Daily Mail website.

Investing in Egypt’s Future – 06/06/11
How three major economic issues will have a profound effect on the success of Egypt’s revolution, including tourism. Read this latest opinion piece from the Huffington Post website on how the absence of tourists has had dramatic economic consequences – the streets, hotels and cafes seem nearly empty.

Visiting the Nile and the Valley of the Kings – 05/06/11
Great article about a recent cruise on the Nile and how uncrowded the sights are currently. A fantastic time to visit. Read the full travel review on the Daily Mail website.

A Tourism Revolution – 04/06/11
An interesting review of post revolutionary Egypt from a travellers perspective. Take a look at this article taking in Tahrir Square from the Financial Times Travel column website.

Great Travel Review on Traveling in Egypt Right Now – 03/06/11
‘Is It Safe To Visit Egypt Right Now?’ is the most asked travelers question about Egypt. This review from a well seasoned traveler gives an update on the current climate in Egypt and how we are all inviting visitors to come back. Read the full article on the FoxNoMad website.

Tourism is Key to the Economic Recovery of Egypt – 03/06/11
Following discussions with UNWTO secretary-general, Taleb Rifai, and President of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), David Scowsill, Egypt’s Prime Minister Essam Sharaf confirmed the strategic importance of tourism for the country’s economic recovery and social stability, especially in the current transition period. He said that “Given the current difficulties in the region, it is important for the industry to get a clear message out that the new Egypt is stable and open for business.” Read a fuller overview on The Breaking Travel News website.

Hawass to Meet With Japanese Funding Agency Delegation – 01/06/11
It is thought that Dr Zahi Hawass will meet a delegation from a Japanese funding agency in connection with the “Grand Museum” – GEM project. On Thursday [02/06/11] morning, a delegation from the Japanese Agency for International Development – JICA will discuss arrangements for the start of the second phase of the project of building the Great Museum of Egypt at Giza, which begins in September. During the meeting they are expected to discuss all aspects related to the project, including the preparation of plans for cooperation between Egypt and the Japanese side in accordance with the current requirements of the project. At the end of the talks, there will be the signing of an agreement that will include all items that are agreed upon in the field of substantive and technical support; and to create a centre of information and training for all staff of archaeologists and restorers for a period of two years. Japan has already provided a soft loan to Egypt of $300 million to contribute to the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza.

Make Way for Egypt – According to Travel Experts – 01/06/11
Nice review about visiting Egypt now – “People have always been very friendly, wanting to engage you in conversation. Now it is even more so — they want to talk about the revolution. It’s completely safe.” The review is based on the experience of one of the travellers who recently joined a delegation of travel agency owners and tourism officials from the U.S. who visited Egypt and Jordan in hopes of promoting travel to the region. Read more from this article on the website.

EgyptAir Changes Baggage Allowance – 01/06/11
If you’re traveling to Egypt with ‘EgyptAir’ after the 1st June, then please note that their baggage allowance is changing. View their website for more details.

Egyptian Authorities Say No to European Airline EasyJet Flights – 31/05/11
European low-cost airline carrier has been denied access to Cairo International Airport, sources have told the Wall Street Journal. The report said that Egyptian officials have demanded that the budget airline offer increased services on board in order to gain access to its runways. Read a fuller review on the Bikya Masr news website.

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt Right Now – 31/05/11
Great article about visiting Egypt right now. There conclusion is that there has never been a better time to come traveling and Egypt is definitely safe. Read the full review on the ‘On the Go Tours’ website.

Hawass Demands Palaces Fall Under Control of Antiquities Ministry – 30/05/11
Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass on Monday [30th May 2011] demanded that all presidential palaces in Egypt fall under control of the ministry’s Islamic and Coptic antiquities department. Read the full story on the Al Masry Al Youm website.

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