What’s happening now in Egypt

A New Beginning For Egypt – Thoughts of a Bright Future

“A new era is now dawning for Egypt. We have seen the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, but what we are now witnessing is certainly no Intermediate Period. This is a strong beginning – the start of a great civilisation is again being realised in my Country. Perhaps we can call this the Kingdom of Free Speech, of Liberty, of Democracy, of Justice, even the Kingdom of Technology. It is with renewed hope for a brighter future, that I now invite you visit Egypt. Join with us in our celebrations and support us in our bid to build a great and prosperous country.”
Amr Shamala – Egyptologist and Egyptian Tour Guide


There really never has been a better time to come back to visit us now in Egypt. Welcome to a new era of hospitality. Let me share with you the wonders of our Country in this exciting moment in our history. I want to update you on ‘What’s Happening Now In Egypt’ – including the latest travel information to Egypt; as well as news on the ancient sights, artefacts and the continued preservation of our Egyptian heritage.

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Monthly archives

Check out the updates from our ‘What’s happening now in Egypt’ monthly archives:

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