Archive – Sept 2011

Egyptology news – Archive news from September 2011

Latest Edition of the ‘Egyptological Magazine’ Available
The latest edition of the free ‘Egyptological Magazine’ is now available to view online. Features this month include ‘Ancient Egyptian Religion – Concepts of Creation, God and Eternity’, reviews of the AWT Conference 2011 (Amarna) and a book review of ‘The Lost Tombs of Saqqara’. Visit the latest issue at the Egyptological Magazine website.

A Digital Collection of the Description de l’Egypte
A fabulous website that features a digital collection of plates from the ‘Description de l’Egypte’ that are in the possession of the Bibliotheca Alexandria and the text volumes from the l’Institut de l’Egypte. Description de l’Egypte was the outcome of the collaboration of more than 150 prominent scholars and scientists who accompanied Napoleon in 1798 and some 2000 talented artists and technicians. This is a great digital project and you can zoom in on the images and texts of the originals. Visit the website at

New Amarna Newsletter Published
‘Horizon’ is the bi-annual newsletter of the Amarna Project and Amarna Trust. The latest issue (9 – Summer 2011) is available to download for free online and features articles covering the effects of the January Revolution, updates on the field school in archaeological geophysics and a closer look at bones from the storehouse by an anthropology team from the University of Arkansas. Download the full newsletter from the Armana Trust website.

Has a New Tomb Been Found in the Valley of the Kings?
Photograph of the Valley of the Kings in LuxorStephen Cross, who has been consulting on excavations in the Valley of the Kings opposite the tomb of Tutankhamun, announced at the recent AWT Amarna Conference the possible discovery of a new tomb located only three feet away from where he predicted it would be. Excavations were stopped when the revolution started, but hopefully excavation permits will be granted for further excavation to determine exactly what is there. Read more on this and the Conference on the Egyptology News Blog.

New Egyptology Picture Library Launched
A great new image library website, where you can search and order Egyptology related photos and images, including views, maps, statues and objects has just been launched. Many important sites and areas are covered including those currently not open to the public. The library contains rights-managed photos maps and plans for presentations, websites, research and print materials. The website is set up for you to search and order images. Take a look at the website at

Take a Closer Look at Papyrus Making
An interesting insight into papyrus making in the following video:

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