Archive – July 2011

Egyptology news – Archive news from July 2011

Photos of the Second Solar Boat Unearthed at Giza
Fragment of Khufu's second solar boat found at GizaTake a closer look at the excavations on the National Geographic website of the unearthing of the second solar boat found at the Pyramids complex at Giza. Once the month-long process of extracting the wooden pieces is finished, researchers expect to spend several years restoring the ship before placing it on display in Giza’s Solar Boat Museum near the Pyramids.

Avenue of Sphinxes Back to its Ancient Appearance
Restored Avenue of Sphinxes LuxorNews that the restored Avenue of the Sphinxes that once linked Luxor to Karnak temple is to be opened to the public in October 2011. After five years of hard work, the avenue of Sphinxes has been reincarnated into its original form, inviting Luxor’s visitors to walk along the historical avenue as the ancient Egyptians did in the days of the Pharaohs. To celebrate the restoration, said Mansour Boreik, director of Luxor monuments, the ministry of state for antiquities (MSA) is organising a special inauguration ceremony on October at the avenue. Read more on this story on the Ahram Online website.

New Pharaonic Artefacts Discovered in North Egypt’s Site of San El-Hagar
A block featuring two kingsA collection of painted blocks used in the construction of king Osorkon II’s temple have been unearthed in San El-Hagar in the Delta city of Sharqia. French archaeologists in San El-Hagar have discovered hundreds of colored and inscribed limestone blocks, which they believe were used to build the sacred lake walls of a temple dedicated to the goddess Mut. The limestone blocks may have belonged to King Osorkon II of the 22nd Dynasty and used for either a temple or chapel. Read more on this article on the Ahram Online website.

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