Why visit Egypt? – One of my recent travellers experience’s

A recent traveller on tour with me in Egypt wrote this summary of his experience on vacation here in December 2011.

“We returned from Egypt at 01:00 Tuesday, December 6, 2011. The trip was wonderful; easy, safe, incredibly interesting, memorable. I’ll begin this by encouraging anyone who is interested in visiting Egypt to do it, and soon!

Why soon? It isn’t because I think Egypt will spiral out of control because of the revolution, but to beat the tourists! The will certainly return, but they and not there now in any large numbers. The people are pleasant and engaging and really happy to see tourists. (Okay, the hawkers are a pain, and you really get tired of “One Dollah, One Dollah, One Dollah”. But that’s their job and it is a weak economy.)

Why soon? The number of river boats that are out of service is amazing and helps you get a feeling for how crowded it must be during normal tourist times. November weather was great!

My favorites? The camel ride – about a half hour total; a ride through a crowded market at night in a horse drawn carriage, and a hot air balloon ride through the edges of the Valley of the Kings.

(Okay, I’m a 12 year old e-ticket ride junkie at heart!)

  • The King Tut exhibit in the Cairo Museum.
  • Tombs and temples galore.
  • Reading Hieroglyphics (Okay, watching our guide read them. Here’s his web site: https://egyptprivatetours.com/ – which has some great photos).
  • Seeing the results of what management is all about.
  • Finding how the Egyptian culture absorbed and changes each external civilization that intended to take them over.
  • Four days on the Nile – Oh, it isn’t muddy like the Mississippi, it’s clear and clean through much of its’ course.
  • Aswan High dam and Lake Nasser.
  • Food.

Were we ever in any threatening situations? No. We were careful, but I’m careful in San Diego! We drove by Tahrir Square, which was still closed and surrounded by protesters. The hangers on seem to be there for the party more than for a protest. (They also want to keep the military on its toes until the new constitution is in place).

We were there during the elections and everyone seemed to be excited and proud of what was happening. Our guide showed us his Facebook page from time to time – no I don’t read Arabic, but they seemed to be very positive and happy.

Summary – Great trip, educational and informative, comfortable and almost restful, interesting and a wonderful connection with the distant past. Our ancestors were amazing people and we benefit greatly from their accomplishments.”

Ron, USA – December 2011

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